Immediate Benefits of Owning Less Stuff

Since the beginning of 2016, my family has been slowly working to get rid of tons of unused, unwanted, stuff from our household.  We have purged nearly 50% of our belongings and still feel we can get rid of so much more.  I have noticed so many changes in my family since we embarked on this lifestyle change.  I wanted to take a few moments to list some of the immediate changes we have noticed.

More calm & peace.  I have always been someone bothered by clutter, and even though our home was mostly clutter free, there was definitely room improvement.  Over the years we had collected knick knacks gifted to us by family and friends.  Things I wouldn't have purchased for myself but forced to use out of guilt.  We finally decided that our space was too sacred to us to let other people decorate it.  We thanked the items for bringing joy when they were given to us with love and said goodbye to them as we donated them to someone who would appreciate them more.  I am now left with mostly bare countertops and I love it! Clean and sleek!

Less cleaning.  Since we got rid of all those random knick knacks taking up precious counter space, I find it so much easier to keep my home clean. No more having to pick things up to dust and clean them.  Since my kitchen cabinets are now half empty, I moved a lot of the small appliances we rarely use off the counters.  I get my cleaning done in less than 1/4th the time it took me before!  It has become so much easier that we don't need a cleaning service anymore.  My family can finally manage our home without any outside help.  Getting us even closer to our early retirement goal.

Better time management.  Since we got rid of more than half of the items in our wardrobes, getting dressed is a breeze.  It was shocking to see almost bare closets in the beginning but we are now left with a closet full of stuff that fits and that we enjoy wearing!  

Less stress & anxiety.  I can't fully explain this one in words, but there is this magical, uplifting feeling that comes from owning less stuff.  Life just seems more manageable without the extra burden of owning unnecessary stuff.  I feel comfort knowing that my family can manage perfectly fine with having less belongings and leaving a much smaller footprint on our beloved planet.  

We used Marie Kondo's "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" as a guide to help clean up our home and lives.  

Here is my quick review of Marie Kondo's book.