Is Saving Money Sexy?

Saving money keeps me sexy and young!  Wanna know how?  Well if you have ever been in a situation where you are stressed about money, then you surely know how unsexy worrying about money is.  I have certainly been there and let me tell you, no matter how much makeup I slapped on or nice my clothes looked, my skin and hair quickly gave away my secret.  Here are some of my life lessons learned through those hard times.

Life Lesson #1  Having money in the bank is way more refreshing and comforting than any amount of stuff that you own.  Stuff is a burden.  It needs to be stored, managed, cleaned, and even insured.  All drains on your money, time, and well being.  Let it go and you will be on your way to becoming the sexy, carefree goddess that you were destined to become!

Life Lesson #2  Knowing you can live off of less and survive no matter what situation life happens to throw at you is the most freeing and liberating feeling ever.  Lower your consumption rate and you will instantly feel light and free.  Stuff will no longer own you.  Money will become a tool that gives your life options, not something that holds you captive in slavery.  The confidence you gain from this freedom is sexier than anything you can find in a store.  

Life Lesson #3  Your life has more meaning and fulfillment when you are not constantly on the hunt for the next best thing to buy.  We live in a society where people believe "If I can afford it, I have to get it."  Replace that with "I can afford it, but will it bring me lasting joy?"  We all know how short lived the thrill of buying something new is.  Take a break from the cycle to learn more about what really brings you lasting joy.  Once you find your real passions, that constant need for spending money will immediately go away.  Someone who lives authentically with passion is way sexier than someone who's trying to buy their happiness.     

Have any life lessons of your own?  Share the wisdom!  

Mr. Rebates