Why We Don't Buy Our Kids A Ton of Clothes & Shoes

When I had my first child more than 11 years ago, I found myself drowning in a closet full of baby clothes.  Mostly gifted lovingly by family members and friends.  Some things my son wore once before outgrowing the item, others we never got to and were left hanging in the closet.  Getting dressed in the morning seemed like a sea of decisions and piles of clothes were always left on the closet floor.  I experienced this exact situation once again when my last child was born 2 years ago.  Since she is our only girl, both my husband and I went a little overboard shopping for her.  Clothes and shoes were often left hanging in her closet, never worn and quickly outgrown. 

During our minimalism journey, we got rid of all the excess and only buy for our kids what they need in that given season. Not only has dressing become a lot easier in the mornings, but we never have any wastage of clothes or shoes.  If your kids have a closet full of unused, unappreciated clothes and accessories, here are some things to consider.

1.  Instead of wasting money on things that will be long forgotten, invest that money into your child's future.  Every dollar you invest, gets them closer to their first car, college education, first home, and even a trust fund.  We have decided that we much rather buy a secure, debt free future for our children then a closet full of things that will be long forgotten.

2.  By teaching your children excess consumption of things and poor money management, you are setting them up for failure before their little feet have stepped out into the big world.  Teach them instead to live with only what they need and value their time and money in a manner that brings lasting happiness and joy.   

3.  Teach your children the concept of the opportunity cost of money and the magic of compound interest.  Show them what a random toy that they barely play with would be worth in 20 years if that money had been invested into their accounts instead.

Check out my daughter's closet tour here: