Mr. Money Mustache Fan RETIRES IN 1500 DAYS!

Interview with founder of Inspired by Mr. Money Mustache, Carl set a goal to retire in exactly 1500 days in his 40S. Find out how he changed his lifestyle to achieve his goals of early retirement. 

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From Zero to Millionaire: Interview with Justin From

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin from and pick his brain about his journey to achieving financial independence for him and his family.  Justin and his wife retired at the age of 33 with three kids in tow!  Their story was of particular interest to us because as you guys know, we also have three kids and are only a few years shy of reaching financial independence.  

We often talk about minimalism and early retirement, where some people object that both of these things are not achievable with kids.  Justin's family is a prime example of how even families with young children can achieve financial independence. 

Here is the full interview.  You can find Justin through the links below.