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Personal POWER Activation

Awaken Your Inner SUPERPOWERS

A program so powerful….it needed it’s own button……


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90 minute class on Feminine Embodied Coaching.

Wildly Feminine, Wildly Successful

5 training sessions with step by step guide to launching the passionate, feminine business of your dreams. Learn more! 


Where do I start?

I recommend starting with my Inner Work/Confidence/Self Esteem High Value Worthy Woman Toolkit. Although all my programs are stand alone programs, this is my signature BASE program and lays the foundation for your journey.

How long do I have access to the programs?

Once you purchase, you have access until the lifetime of our programs. Unless otherwise noted like for the Babes Club and Patreon Memberships.

Is there any overlap between the High Value Feminine Goddess 12 Month Transformation Program and the High Value Babes Monthly Club Membership?

Both programs are very different from each other and bring a unique aspect to your journey to learning and growth. There is new fresh content provided in both programs. The Goddess program is more self study while the Babes Club is LIVE Group training AND some monthly mini courses. There is little if any overlap. 

How do I log in to view the programs after I purchase?

You can log in here:   Using the email and password account you created when enrolling.