Vision Board Manifestation workshop for High Value Worthy Women looking to set their desires in motion. Learn how to create a vision board that gets you the results you dream of.

Vision Board Manifestation workshop for High Value Worthy Women looking to set their desires in motion. Learn how to create a vision board that gets you the results you dream of.


  • Cure from an Autoimmune Disease
  • 70 lbs WEIGHT LOSS and a Healthy, FIT Body
  • 7 Figure NET WORTH
  • TRAVEL to Amazing Places All Over the WORLD
  • A PASSIONATE Business
  • Amazing Community of Women to Learn and Grow with

You can MANIFEST all that you desire as well.

When I first started doing vision boards, I made a lot of mistakes that kept me from manifesting all that I desired. I have invested a lot of time and energy into learning the secrets that get results. My coaching services have helped hundreds of people create a vision board that manifests their deep, true, high value desires.

After Enrolling in the The High Value Worthy Vision Workshop You Will Know:

What a vision board is

Mindsets or Behaviors that Hold You Back from Manifesting Your Desires

How to Dig Deep and Find Out Your True Desires

How Long It Takes to Manifest Your Desires

How to Create a Simple Yet High Value Vision Board

How to be High Vibration so You can Easily Attract What You Desire

Includes a BONUS 90 minute training on creating MAGNETIC ABUNDANCE: 

💕In training call, Magnetic Abundance, you will learn:

💕What is the law of attraction and Abundance?

💕How does science and religion support the law of attraction?

💕What is epigenetics and how you can use it to manifest your deepest desires.

💕Why no matter how hard you try, you end up back to thinking and behaving in your old patterns.

💕 Learn how to rewire your brain for abundance. 

Invest in the knowledge that can unleash the Universe’s abundance on you!

What others are saying about this program:

I couldn't figure out what I was missing in LOA. This is by far the best explanation on how LOA works and how to use it properly. Loved every minute of it. I really liked how you connected and related everything together.  Now I get it. So many Aha moments, my mind is blown. Totally eye opening. I loved the Rewire meditation practice. It felt so good.  OMG, this is truly life changing information. I would be practicing this everyday for sure. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this.  Absolutely BEST session, I am so grateful to you Mina. -Fathima

"I have known about vision boards and Law of Attraction for a long time but Mina's course on High Value Worthy Vision Workshop really breaks down the concepts in an easy to understand and easy to implement format.  She gives examples and reasons why and how things work.  It is worth every penny to invest in this course to clearly  and easily understand how to create a vision board that actually works.  Live the life of your dreams!" - Famina

*Since this is a digital product there will no returns or refunds.  


Want to create a vision board but not sure where to start?

Or perhaps you have one already but nothing seems to manifest for you.

Most people have no clue what the purpose of a vision board is or what to put on it. They slap on a few pictures from their favorite magazine and then are disappointed when miracles don’t happen.

I have been creating vision boards for well over a decade now and have manifested everything I ever desired.