90 Minute Single Coaching Session


90 Minute Single Coaching Session

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Coaching and mentoring services available on personal development, spirituality, relationships, weight loss, finances, debt repayment, financial independence, early retirement, and more! 

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This is what some of our clients are saying about our services:

“Our families ultimate goal is financial independence. Mina and Irfan are experienced, knowledgeable teachers who have been guiding us in a positive, friendly environment. My husband and I have always struggled with money and Irfan is excellent at explaining complicated concepts in easy to understand language. Together they have formulated a systematic approach to managing and understanding finances, helping us have a clear overview of what’s happening, whereas in the past we were just drifting without anchor in a sea of debt and financial carnage. We love the personal, individualized attention. We hope to pass on the legacy of our learnings to our daughter, and we look forward to continuing our journey with Mina and Irfan.”

— Saera & Brad

“One of the best characteristics that Mina has as a life coach is that she truly believes that I can accomplish the goal I have set out to do. Her belief is so contagious that I start believing that I can! Within the first 21 days of starting my coaching sessions with her, I lost 10 lbs. without any stress around food. Now I am only 8 lbs away from my “goal” weight. Mina encourages me beyond what I think is possible, so after this first personal goal, I will keep going to be fitter than I ever was. ”

— Zulma from YouTube: ZookPaperCo

“Amazing coaching. Helped me put my life into focus and already big things are happening in my life. Thanks Mina!!!!”

— N.V