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Leading 7-figure Wealth Consciousness and Abundance Coach, Mina Irfan, Presents



Feel like you’re about to snap? Are negative people killing your vibe? Stop hustling to put out the never-ending self-doubt fires and finally claim your worth and power as a woman with this divine awakening.

THE self-aware
barbie activation

Perfect for the woman in the middle of a mess who knows she’s meant for more. With these 12 simple systems, you’ll gain mastery over your life and banish stress with ease, grace, and ovarian power!

Money Magic Mastery Wealth Consciousness Course

Money Magic Mastery. Allowing and Attracting Riches the Divine Feminine Way. Wealth Consciousness Expansion Course for High Vibration Women.

About ME

My journey into embodying the million dollar babe inside myself hasn’t always been an easy one. Between the ages of 5 and 12, when most young girls are playing with dolls, kicking balls in the backyard, and dreaming big, my trust was being broken. I was sexually molested by three men and simultaneously bullied in school for being ugly.
Poverty and abuse followed me into my early 20s, but my gift for taking decisive action came to the fore when I built a successful real estate business and started making six figures by my mid-twenties. I met my husband, and we started a family. It was all rosy until he left me as a single mom with a newborn baby. To add to the nightmare, my business went bust shortly afterwards.

Starting from scratch wasn’t child’s play, but I was determined to be my own knight in shining armor. I finished an expensive high-end university degree in communications despite having to do it all on my own. It wasn’t too long, though, before I met my soulmate and we married.

A surprise autoimmune condition and losing my mother to cancer threatened to take me down again, yet I knew there had to be a way through. I made massive lifestyle changes, lost 70lb, and documented the entire journey over a 5-year period on Youtube.
As I changed my relationship to my health, my body, my power, and my voice, I transformed my lifeless marriage into juicy intimacy, mutual respect, and devotion—while paying off my home and becoming a multi-millionaire from my successful online business of guiding women through the arts of feminine mastery I’ve learned over the past decade.
I now teach women how to ignite their personal power, bring back the romance in their relationships, and live the life of their dreams—while still managing to feed my passion for reading (averaging 28 books a month!)

"LIFE IS SHORT. Make it sweet AF, and become the happiest wealthiest woman you know!"


It’s time to awaken from the toxic trance of autopilot overdrive.

The exhaustion of your hyper-masculine ways has finally caught up with you, and your heart and soul have nothing left to give.
Your bedroom might as well be a desert of long lost intimacy and even though you love your man, the spark just isn’t there...let alone the passionate fire you crave!

Rushing from task to task and chasing your endless to-do list like you’re going for an Olympic gold even has your kids asking you where you’re going in such a hurry. I understand the never-ending cycle of having to get stuff done and then burning out because that’s exactly what happened to me.

You refuse to give up on yourself, but you know there must be a better way to live life⁠—that doesn’t involve working even harder while pretending you’re not being eaten alive by anxiety and resentment.

If you’re ready for a LUSH life, JUICY love, and riches that will make your soul soar, then it’s time to release the pain of your past and reprogram your mind and body for a divine femme ascension.

When I shifted my own marriage from a snore-worthy roommate situation (I could count our love-making on one hand...for a whole year) to an insatiable soulmate connection, everything in my life changed from the way I talked to my children to the way we handled our finances as a couple.

I was amazed by the power of my femininity to influence everyone around me.

that you desire.

A man who arrives home ravenous for your attention. 

Mind blowing sex full of rich intimacy.

Total confidence in your feminine body and deep, unshakable self-love.

Children who listen and even fight over who gets to wash the dishes tonight.

Money flow in your career or business that feels effortless and is ever-expanding.

An elevated and supportive sisterhood who get you on a heart and soul level.

Even if right now you're triggered easily, feel like a hot mess mama, and aren't sure you inherited the manifesting superpower gene, trust me...


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Your destiny isn’t waiting for you at the bottom of your to-do list, babe.

It’s time to slow down, soften, and surrender.

To a class-A overachiever like me, those words would have sounded like a siren warning me to RUN a decade ago.

Now? I know that the secret to creating a life of wealth that’s rich with passionate romance is a deep activation of my femininity and manifesting power.

EVERY WOMAN has a Million Dollar Babe inside her.
The difference between the ones who LIVE it and the ones who keep it LOCKED UP within is just ONE DECISION.

Will you take your triggers, drama, and struggle and allow them to be the keys to your awakening and ascension?
It’s up to you…

Through a deep fusion of science, spirituality, and modern feminine mastery, I’m here to show you how to rise and radiate your true rich essence to become magnetic to your man...and all that you desire.

As a 7-figure money, soul, and relationship mentor, I show divine women how to release the resentment, fears, and frustration holding them back and unlock an unlimited flow of abundance in every area of their lives.

Are you ready?


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Access 3 Day Challenge valued at $997.
Coming soon and available for a limited time.

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